Uber Open is a one-day summit for developers and community leaders advancing open source collaboration and innovation at scale. Featuring over 15 talks and workshops delivered by the technologists building and using some of Uber’s most popular open source projects, Uber Open will showcase how these technologies are driving the future of data visualization, artificial intelligence, site reliability, and more. RSVP and more information here:  Uber Open 2018.

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Danny Chen

Engineering Manager
Sunnyvale, CA
Danny is the co-creator & co-architect for the open-sourced Marmaray Hadoop ingestion/dispersal framework. Danny currently leads the Hadoop Data Ingestion & Monitoring team focused on building out scalable systems to manage the ingestion of an increasing amount of raw data into Uber's Hadoop Data Lake. Previous to Uber, Danny worked at Twitter on the Core Storage team building large-scale distributed storage systems (i.e Manhattan)